UPC Renewables

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UPC Renewables Group is one of the most successful privately owned renewable energy development companies in the world, focused on the development, financing, construction, operation, management and ownership of wind, solar, biomass and hydro power projects in selected markets. We have one of the most extensive track records in the industry and trace our roots to the early days of wind energy development in California in the 1980's. We were responsible for building the dominant wind farm owner in Italy IVPC (Italian Vento Power Corporation) which developed, financed, constructed, owned and operated 638MW of plants, over 66% of the Italian wind capacity. The Group has set up development companies in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia; and is actively looking at opportunities in a number of Asian countries with over 3,728MW currently under development.

UPC Renewables集团是全球最成功的可再生能源开发投资公司之一,专注于风力发电、太阳能发电、生物质发电以及水力发电等清洁能源项目的开发、融资、 建设、运营及拥有。UPC Renewables集团是业内运营历史最长的公司之一,早在二十世纪八十年代就在美国加利福尼亚开始了风能开发投资业务。UPC Renewalbes集团建设了意大利最主要的风电场IVPC (Italian Vento Power Corporation),已开发、融资、建设、拥有及营运总规模为638兆瓦的风电场,超过了当时意大利风电总容量的66%。UPC Renewables集团分别在美国、加拿大、欧洲以及亚洲设立了开发公司,并积极在亚洲多个国家寻求业务机会,目前在亚洲正在开发的项目总容量已超过 3728兆瓦。

  (Senior.) Business Developer/项目开发(高级)经理
  CFO of Wind Farm/项目公司首席财务官
  Financial Analyst/财务分析经理
  General Manager of Representative Office/代表处总经理
  Deputy General Manager of Wind Farm/风电场副总经理
  Business Manager/业务经理
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